Dinner For One:
A Journey to Healing

By James A. Moore
Published by Haverhill House
A River City Writers Production


Dinner For One is a love letter from a man to his late wife. A way of saying farewell, but never goodbye. It’s a record of love and loss and what it means to be human. Jim Moore is a large man with a large heart, and while that heart has been broken, it is, as Hemingway put it, ‘strong in the broken places.'”

— From the introduction by Charles R. Rutledge




Don’t Go Alone

By Christopher Golden
Introduction by Tim Lebbon

Published by Haverhill House
A River City Writers Production


New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden has always claimed to be a lifelong fan of the team-up, and in the pages of Don’t Go Alone he proves it. Over the course of his career, Golden has collaborated on at least two dozen novels, as well as comic books, screenplays, radio plays, an animated web series, short stories, and novellas. Now, for the first time, many of the stories Golden has written with his closest friends and collaborators are collected — and a brand new story debuts! Golden combines forces with Mike Mignola for tales featuring Hellboy and Joe Golem, and crosses swords with Charlaine Harris as the authors pit their fan favorite characters against one another. Amber Benson and Golden tell an early tale from the world of Ghosts of Albion, and the author resurrects one of the gods of HP Lovecraft with James A. Moore. Golden builds epic horror tales with Tim Lebbon, and presents a brand new tale of The Menagerie with Thomas E. Sniegoski!

The darkness awaits you…but Don’t Go Alone!


Got Your Back

By John M. McIlveen
Published by Haverhill House


When Ricky Briggs wakes up unable to move, he knows something’s not right. When his wife Melanie notices that his spine is missing, Ricky knows his troubles are just beginning. Medically unfeasible and physically impossible, there are no answers, only questions. Spines don’t simply disappear, yet Ricky’s did. In the hospital, bedridden and immobile, there is little else for Ricky to do except think and sleep. But, when a mysterious late-night visitor appears, Ricky has to face some truths about his condition, about his life forward and his life past, and the reality that all he has left is his wife and a very dark secret that would be devastating to reveal, but pure hell to keep. Got Your Back is a modern parable written in John McIlveen’s trademark styling, blending darkness, humor, humanity, and a big dose of heart. Don’t fear … McIlveen’s got your back.

“John McIlveen’s Got Your Back is a fun, retro-pulpy twist on the classic revenge and comeuppance tale. Watch your back.”
— Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts

“Summoning shades of Kafka and Cronenberg, Got Your Back is a darkly wry and unsettling tale of a debt coming due that adds up to much more than a pound of flesh. John McIlveen’s trademark fusion of wit and foreboding is as strong as a Harrington rod, and while Ricky Briggs might not have a spine, McIlveen’s guts and heart are on display in every word he writes.”
— Bracken MacLeod, author of Stranded


and Other Stories

By Matt Bechtel
Foreword by James A. Moore

Published by Haverhill House


Some people just see the world differently.

The author of this collection has, at times, argued that The Terminator is a love story, that Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” is joyful rather than bitter, and that the characters of Everybody Loves Raymond are more monstrous than the Bates Family. In his first collection of original fiction, he turns his wry, satiric eye upon landscapes of his own creation — including the early days of skydiving, the terror of collecting unemployment, the extreme sport of competitive standing, a circus performer succumbing to zombie-ism, and the most anticipated day never circled on any calendar — to find horror hidden within humor, hope persisting amidst anguish, and absurdity pretty much everywhere. The views from his pen are equal parts hysterical, unsettling, and thought provoking.

Some people just see the world differently. Matt Bechtel is one of those people.

Monochromes and Other Stories is a richly diverse debut collection from an author to watch. My highest recommendation.”
– Frank Michaels Errington (from his review for Cemetery Dance)

“There is a vulnerability in the stories collected in Monochromes and Other Stories that is as surprising as it is wonderful.”
— James A. Moore, author of the Seven Forges series

“If emotional sincerity was a superpower, Matt Bechtel would be the hero we’d look up to see soaring overhead. The stories in Monochromes, whether winkingly subversive, angry, absurd, or sad, all reveal something poignant about the dark truths underpinning these characters and their circumstances. Despite the title, there’s nothing monochromatic about the rich vibrancy of Bechtel’s prose. His stories are as colorful as the tights I imagine him wearing.”
— Bracken MacLeod, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Stranded and 13 Views of the Suicide Woods


Mountain Home

By Bracken MacLeod
Published by Haverhill House


Lyn Lowry fantasizes about escaping her ordinary life as a waitress in a rural roadside diner, dreaming about the excitement of living in the big city. But when the first bullets smash through the windows of Your Mountain Home Kitchen, she finds herself living in a nightmare instead.

Surviving the initial attack is only the beginning of the ordeal as Lyn reluctantly steps up to take control and find a way to escape alive. The other survivors trapped in the diner aren’t all eager to follow her lead, and the threat from her companions may be more dangerous than the sniper’s rifle outside. Navigating hostilities from both inside and out, Lyn quickly learns she can’t rely on anyone but herself to save her life.

And she thinks she might have seen something lurking in the dark trees at the edge of the forest. Something that wants her to know, all hope is gone.

“Damn well worth your time. A tense thriller full of well-drawn characters and an imaginative setup that puts it all in motion. This guy’s ready for the big leagues.”
— New York Times Bestseller, Christopher Golden, author of Tin Men and Ararat

“[A] VERY accomplished debut novel. I cared about the main characters… they were vividly real. Riveting debut novel.”
— World Horror Convention Grand Master Jack Ketchum, author of Off Season and The Secret Life of Souls

“Next time some fool gleefully announces ‘Small Press is dead,’ tell him to read this stunning debut, a cut–to–the–bone novel that credibly interweaves the 180° range of the human spirit and the 180° of darkness below it. The colorless evil always pushing against that micro–crust from below, while the colorless evil above is drilling for the soothing oil every psychopath seeks. A magical book, a reflective mirror of truth … and what that costs.”
— Andrew Vachss, Raymond Chandler Award winning author of the Burke series of novels and SignWave: An Aftershock Novel


One Bad Week

By James A. Moore
Published by Haverhill House
A River City Writers Production


Jonathan Crowley is having a bad time of it. He’s too busy for anyone’s good, dealing with calls from beyond the grave, demons that refuse to stay dead, the very creature that murdered his wife and children, and a few spirits that have unfinished business with the Hunter. The past comes back to haunt the man who gives monsters their nightmares in a series of encounters that deal with Crowley’s past losses and even his occasional victories, but any way you look at it, Jonathan Crowley is having One Bad Week. Now the question is who will survive to talk about it later?




The Seven Whistlers

By Amber Benson & Christopher Golden
Published by Haverhill House
A River City Writers Production


Legends say that on stormy nights, or during sunsets, there sometimes comes a strange whistling in the sky followed by sightings of enormous black dogs. But these are no ordinary dogs. They are demonic things, hounds loose from the Wild Hunt, and they are searching for lost souls. They are rarely sighted more than one at a time, but if all seven should come together, it will mean the end of the world. In the picturesque New England town of Kingsbury, Vermont, a young woman named Rose Kerrigan mourns the death of her grandfather, the sweet but strange old man who raised her. Soon, Rose will learn the legend of the Seven Whistlers. They’ve come to Kingsbury in search of a soul that has been hidden from them, and they will not leave without it. First there was one, then two…then four…If they don’t find what they’re looking for soon, perhaps all seven will gather in Kingsbury. And if all seven should come together….

“A quick, intriguing, satisfyingly creepy read, refreshingly free of emo sap. Fans of dark, post-modern fantasy should find it to be a tasty morsel.”
— The Green Man Review

“Powerful, beautifully conceived and developed, and utterly riveting. Benson and Golden have created a new mythology that rings true. This is a writing force to be reckoned with, a team who can produce the kind of modern mythic fiction that drives Gaiman, de Lint and Bull fans wild. It’s too good not to share.”
— Rambles.net


Strange Seed

By T. M. Wright
Introduction by Jack Ketchum
Ilustrated by Rick Sardinha
Published by Twisted Publishing


First Edition. First limited edition of 750 copies. SIGNED by T.M Wright, the illustrator Rick Sardinha and Jack Ketchum who does a special introduction to the story. The illustrations are on their own, thicker paper stock than that the book was printed on, which drastically improves their quality and maintains detail.






This Is Halloween

By James A. Moore
Published by Haverhill House
A River City Writers Production


Author James A. Moore offers up ten autumnal tales of the darker things that lurk just around the corner of Indian Summer. A man learns of a town’s obsession with scarecrows and tries to find the answers as to why they are so important. Children move through familiar streets and find that Halloween makes everything different. Tis’ the season when ghosts are real, witches soar through the night, and things in the Beldam Woods are not always what they seem. Sometimes it’s the monsters that wear the masks.





By Rick Hautala
Introduction by Holly Newstein Hautala
Afterword by Christopher Golden
Published by Haverhill House


Alone …

For the first time in her life, Allie Prescott is alone. She’s left her husband, Jack, and moved out of their comfortable home. Now she’s living in a small second-floor apartment in a not-so-nice part of town and working as a waitress in a downtown restaurant. She’s struggling to figure out what she wants to do with the next stage of her life.

As much as Allie wants to be alone, what she doesn’t know is that even when she’s in her apartment … especially late at night  … she is not alone.

She is never alone.

Unseen eyes are watching her. Pale, ghostly shapes slip in and out of view. Faint, whispering voices tease her in the darkness.

The spirits who haunt her apartment have been there for a very long time … alone and waiting.

Now they’re beginning to manifest themselves because they know — and Allie will soon learn — that they have been waiting for her and her life will never be the same …