Now Available: THE MOORE HOUSE by Tony Tremblay

With The Moore House, Tony Tremblay takes us on a terrifying journey. Three excommunicated nuns, Nora, Agnes, and Celeste, join a paranormal unit sanctioned by the Catholic Church in the hopes for redemption in God's eyes. As empaths, their jobs are to verify reports of demonic possession, and when their boss, Father MacLeod, is persuaded to investigate a house in a small New Hampshire town, the three women are chosen to assess these claims. Goffstown poli

The Twisted Book of Shadows

The Twisted Book of Shadows
THE TWISTED BOOK OF SHADOWS Edited by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore Aided by the Book of Shadows Editorial Committee: Linda D. Addison, Nadia Bulkin, Rachel Autumn Deering, Lamar Giles, Gabino Iglesias, Billy Martin, KL Pereira, and Lee Thomas Published by Twisted Publishing (a Haverhill House Publishing imprint) Anthologies were a vital, formative part of our development as writers — and as readers. We look back with love and wonder at the

Featured by Haverhill House: The Works of Christopher Golden

Haverhill House is proud to offer the following titles from New York Times Bestselling author Christopher Golden: The Seven Whistlers (his collaboration with Amber Benson); Don't Go Alone (a collection of his short story collaborations); Strangewood (debuting at StokerCon 2018); and The Ferryman (debuting at StokerCon 2018). (Click Squares Below To Scroll Through More Featured Titles and Authors)...

Featured by Haverhill House: MOUNTAIN HOME by Bracken MacLeod

The first novel from the Bram Stoker Award Nominated author of Stranded and 13 View of the Suicide Woods. "“Damn well worth your time. A tense thriller full of well-drawn characters and an imaginative setup that puts it all in motion. This guy’s ready for the big leagues.” — Christopher Golden, New York Times Bestselling author of Tin Men and Ararat (Click Squares Below To Scroll Through More Featured Titles and Authors)...