COMING SOON From Haverhill House Publishing

The Moore House by Tony Tremblay (Coming July 2018)
Erin’s Daughters by Michael Mannion
Invisible Chains by Michelle Renee Lane
The Twisted Book of Shadows edited by Christopher Golden & James A. Moore

Haverhill House Publishing and our imprints are committed to delivering the very best titles to our readers and we are therefore thrilled to announce the following forthcoming projects.   Comin
Forthcoming Titles
The Moore House
The Moore House
Coming July 2018 The Moore House by Tony Tremblay Hardcover and Digital Editions (with Paperback to follow) Publishe
The Twisted Book of Shadows
The Twisted Book of Shadows
THE TWISTED BOOK OF SHADOWS Edited by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore Aided by the Book of Shadows Editorial Com

A Few Words About Our Imprints

Much like one's preferred taste in food, every reader has their own unique "literary palate." That's why Haverhill House has established the following imprints — to assure that there's something on our menu to whet your literary appetite!

Twisted Publishing

Horror with a dark, comedic twist. Twisted Publishing is for those who've been told, "You have a sick sense of humor!" ...

Mystical Words

Mystical Words is our forthcoming imprint focused on holistic well being (incl. philosophy, meditation, and self-help).

Young Adult Publishing

We strive to reach all readers and are proud to provide books for young adults via our Young Adult Publishing imprint. ...

Young Adult Publishing Jr.

You can never start a reader too young! As such, our new YAP Jr. imprint strives to put a book in your child's hands. ...


Haverhill House Publishing and its imprints want unique voices writing in all genres. We are not only horror, as many suspect. Helpful hint: Some of our favorite authors are John Irving, Margaret Atwood, Dennis Lehane, Cormac McCarthy, Ian McEwan, Lionel Shriver (read her!), Jonathan Carroll, Toni Morrison, Kit Reed, Chuck Palahniuk, and of course, Stephen King. We do not want splatter, gore, or tropes that are beat to death. Zombies, vampires, urban fantasy, and hard sci-fi will likely not be accepted.